Friday, March 6, 2009

Romantic Sex

Years ago, an unbelievably prolific romance writer, Janet Dailey, lifted a sex scene from a book by equally prolific writer Nora Roberts. Yes, she plagiarized word for word. My theory was that she had just run out of descriptors.

As Fiorella has said before, sex scenes are a real bitch to write. Not because of censorship or public standards--those things went out the (bedroom) window years ago. No, it's because sex, after all, is fairly basic, and somewhere along the line, one uses up all the words.

Fio, of course, has her own solution to problem-- an inspirational list of sexually-expressive words and phrases culled from several of her favorite novels. Just reading through them can be an, uh, exhilarating experience.

But, she wonders--what about the story?

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