Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chimp Story

Travis was a favored child, a star of stage, screen and television--but Travis was also a wild animal, a two-hundred pound chimpanzee who savagely attacked a family friend.

The police came after him. "Shoot him!" his "mother" screamed.

But they couldn't get a bead on Travis. He was on a tear. Finally his energy ran down, and, with nowhere else to go, the big guy tamely returned to his room, where he was killed.

It's a sad story. The woman Travis attacked remains in critical condition. She lost both her hands, her face was torn off, and neurological damage is probable. It's also a poignant story. Travis, the favored son, was shot dead in his final sanctuary.

And all he did, in his innocence, was act like what he was--a wild animal.

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