Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleaze Factor

It really irritates me when a perfectly good rant target disappears from view.

I'm talking about Robert Rey, Dr. Rey, the sleazedog plastic surgeon who used to be ubiquitous on medical reality shows.

But then, Roberto needed to disappear. When he wasn't cupping his patients' grapefruit-sized breasts and rhapsodizing about what a good job he had done, he was practicing martial arts at the local dojo or touting girdles on the shopping networks.

At first he seemed charming, and he certainly was a looker. But he also was a poser--I mean, BLACK scrubs? And SLEEVELESS? I figured he liked to show off his biceps, but, please! How would you like your your doctor's armpit foliage to be the last thing you focused on as you went under?

I never trusted him. He certainly was away from home a lot. Would his kids have recognized him if he came through the door?

It doesn't matter now. He's given TV a rest for a while. Probably needs time to heal from a facelift courtesy of Dr. Jan Adams.

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