Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fire Superwoman!

Fiorella made a fire today-- on the first try!

Let ranks of silver trumpets blare,
Let all the world admire
First a flicker, then a flare--
Fio has lit a fire!

Of course, fifteen minutes later, it tried to die on her, but Husband came home at the last minute and saved the day.

Some people learn things quickly and are great right off the bat, like some of the girls in Fio's long-ago college horsemanship class. They were prancing their mounts around the ring like old pros while Fio could hardly keep her seat in the saddle. So much for her Walter Farley-inspired dreams of horse-girl communication.

Fiorella, though, has always been a bit of a slow learner, the only recompense being that she also learns extremely well. Yes, once she's got that concept, she can apply it like a son of a gun.

Forget about the equines, but fireplaces of the world, beware: your time is coming!

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