Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dinosaur Ate My Homework

How embarrassing. Fiorella has been misspelling the name of that big dinosaur who ate the man sitting on the Jurassic Park toilet (sort of an Elvis figure, one might say). It has two N's in it, "tyraNNosaurus," and she's been according it just one.

Now she'll have to go back through all her blogs and correct herself.

"Tyrannosaurus" isn't the only word Fio's misspelled in her life. Generally her spelling is reliable, but she shudders to remember the words she has not only misspelled, but forced her poor captive students to misspell. For years she thought there were two R's in "harassed," for instance. And she spelled "renown" as "reknown."

Sometimes Fio lies awake and frets about the errors of her ways. Other times she tells herself that if a few misspellings were the worst things she's ever done, the world is lucky, then sleeps the whole night through.

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