Monday, February 2, 2009

Accredidation, Schmaccredidation

Fio has been getting a lot of spam recently advertising the advanced degrees she could get from "prestigious NON-ACCREDITED universities."

Yes, those are the exact words. "Non-accredited" is all in caps, as if it is the most important aspect of the ad. Now, I assume the spammers are not trying to deliberately warn people away, all but specifically stating that any degree from this place is bogus, so what's going on?

My theory is they're trying to catch the same people who get suckered into buying Kevin Trudeau's books, all of which advertise they are providing information which "they" do not want "us" to have. "They," of course, is the government or the doctors or any other establishment group.

So here we have degrees from NON-ACCREDITED non-institutions, which must mean they're better than any degrees from ACCREDITED institutions because they are free from any regulatory restraint. Just like the miracle weight-loss supplements advertised on TV.

And if you're interested in those degrees, might I suggest you also immediately send a check to Fiorella's Fun Fund, a completely non-accredited, unregistered, illegitimate charity. Sock it to the establishment!

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