Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show Me the Bones!

Fiorella has a great deal of pride in her bones. Yes, fifteen years ago, a technician told Fio that she would never get osteoporosis because her bones were fourteen percent denser than those of women half her age. This led to a number of clever remarks from her family about the thickness of Fiorella's skull, but, as the only family member who had never broken a bone, she tossed all comments off as sheer envy.

So it was a bit of a shock a couple of weeks ago when Fio's doctor handed her a lab order for a bone density test. Fio had grown to treasure her extraordinary bone density as her only superpower, and now it was being challenged. Would her bones hold up? Or was Fiorella destined to spend the remaining years of her life with her head cocked forward further than her belly?

The results are in. Despite Fio's diminishing height, her bone density is not in peril. "Within normal range" was the verdict, but Fio wants to see the exact figures, which she suspects will show her as still having extraordinarily dense bones. I mean, all that milk she drinks must be going somewhere.

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