Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Sinks John McCain's Ship

John McCain is even more out of touch than his seven-plus homes indicated. I cannot believe he thinks Hillary's supporters have remained loyal just because she is female.

Wake up, John! Hillary's supporters have remained loyal because she is an intelligent, articulate, experienced woman of a certain age who has paid her dues, just as we all have. Sarah Palin pales in comparison. For all I know, Sarah may be articulate and intelligent, but her experience is minimal, and pay her dues she has not. She's just too damn young--ten years younger than your wife, John. I bet you noticed that!

I'm glad a woman was able to become governor of Alaska. I'm happy for all the strides young women in America have been able to make in the past twenty years, but, John, these women built their successes on our backs, women in their fifties and sixties and seventies who braved exclusionary sexist barriers in all aspects of American life. Is it any wonder then that we want a piece of the pie, that we want to see one of our own as president? Is it any wonder that we see Sarah Palin as a Jilly-come-lately opportunist?

John, John--if ever you had a chance to swing my vote, you just lost it in spades.

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