Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fiorella Rants against Progress

As far as I'm concerned, progress can stop right now. Not medical progress, of course; I do want to feel better, look better, and live longer. No, I'm talking about entertainment and communication.

Actually, as far as entertainment goes, I'd like to reverse progress a little. The I-Max can go; looking at people's faces magnified Lord knows how many times on the silver screen is frightening, and, even for the dewiest starlet, not very pretty. I'm not fond of huge TVs either; television should be a discreet, servile resident of the den or family room, not the star of the great room.

And I want movies to feature people, not special effects.

And I want the remote controls reduced to one simple mechanism again, one that I can easily operate. Currently we have five.

Now to communication. I think we're overdoing the communication revolution. Okay, I have e-mail and I use a cell phone, and I write on a blog, and I'll probably be setting up a website soon. But I think Face Book, MySpace, etc., are going too far. And I abhor text messaging, I-pods, Blackberries, Kindle, and everything else of that ilk. Why not just wire ourselves into virtual life and be done with it? Besides, I'm tired of learning how to operate new electronic devices, only to have them replaced by something newer the next year.

My heavens, a geriatric rant! Amazing from someone just forty-three years old!

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