Friday, August 22, 2008

Fiorella, the Kitchen Appliance

Fiorella's brain is like a toaster. She mulls over a problem during the day, goes to sleep at night, and the answer pops up the next morning. It's like magic.

In fact, given a decent night's sleep, Fiorella wakes up brilliant every morning. Then she leaps out of bed and writes down her brilliant ideas before she forgets them. Fio has tons of little scraps of paper with brilliant ideas on them scattered around the house. In fact, they often serve as leaping off points for her blogs.

Okay, now maybe some of the ideas don't seem so brilliant after breakfast, and maybe after lunch she can't figure out what some of them were, but, for the most part, her toaster serves her well. Obviously Fio's brain works better when she is asleep than when she is awake.

Maybe Fiorella is onto something here. Does everybody's brain work like this? Or maybe Fio just wants to justify snoozing late every morning.

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