Friday, August 29, 2008

La Fiorella detras del Mito

I write Fiorella early in the morning, sometimes before breakfast, sometimes after. Fio is my overflow valve for all the things I wake up thinking about--which often surprise even me.

Fio is fun. She eases me into my more serious writing, the stuff I do professionally, the stuff which I hate to start because I know it will take me over, the stuff which I'll become so totally engrossed in that I won't even know what time it is till Husband comes through the door asking about plans for supper.

I like Fio. She's younger and more rambunctious than I am. Fio's a good-time gal who says exactly what she thinks while I tend to be more melancholy and anxious. I can't just toss off my worries with a cute poem or a clever quip. No, no--my specialty is fretting everything to the bone.

And this information was my overflow for this morning.

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