Thursday, April 23, 2020

Taxes, Romances, Doggie, Trump, Tranatlantica

Fiorella is at a rare place in her life in which she's up to date on her assignments--except for the taxes, of course--which means she's backed herself into a corner to clean up the den and, once again, go through her various piles of papers to find her missing romances. 
Speaking of romances, Fio is coming along well with her reworking of Lolly's story. She's spending three or four hours a day on it now and is hoping the story will be finished in a couple of months--but then she will have to figure out how to get it on the market, and salesmanship was never one of your girl's strength
Fio marvels at how well Sonia Dog has trained herself. She always waits for Mommy to go down the stairs first, will let Mommy know if she has done anything out of the usual routine, and seems to know the times of day--or at least the times of day that her food bowl should be filled.
 Oh, another thing Fiorella wants to catch up on is her DUMP TRUMP buttons. She's been searching her computer for companies that will put her design on buttons cheaply enough thats she can spread them across the nation, although now, Trump's doing a pretty good job of dumping himself. 

Hooray for transatlantic communication! Fio had a nice visit with friend Suzy in England yesterday morning. She's the one who posts pictures of her Great Dane on Facebook.


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