Tuesday, April 14, 2020


     Trump has swept all the medicine my friend needs to treat her lupus off the shelves to fuel his fake coronavirus med, which I am sure he and his cronies will sell at monstrous prices. MY HUSBAND DIED FROM LUPUS, which is a horrible condition, and I will not let my friend do the same!
     YOU WHO READ MY BLOG REGULARLY, JOIN MY FIGHT! If Trump can put my friend's life in danger, he can do the same to you and your family--to the whole country, in fact. Not that he'll ever get his own pudgy hands dirty-- he has soulless minions who do the dirty work--but his is the hand inside the bloody glove.
     I'd like to say that we can can combat Trump with our votes, but he has built up such a crew of yes-men and thugs that I don't trust the integrity of the ballot boxes anymore. I shudder at the idea, but it may be time for a second American Revolution.
     Think about it!

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