Saturday, July 27, 2019

Travel List

(1) Just before Sonia Dog and Fio left the house for the kennel, yours truly spotted a hunk of baguette that  baby dog crammed between the cushions of the couch. Looks like Sonia is storing up food for winter. What does she know that we don't know?

(2) Fiorella didn't pack her fingernail scissors, so of course, her prize nail (left hand, pointer) started splitting the second she closed the car door and headed off to Brother's house to spend the night bwith him and his wife.

(3) It's hard to find your way around other people's bathrooms. Oh, so that's where they've hidden the waste paper basket! 

(4) At Brother's house, Fiorella hauled out last year's reunion book and put her sister-in-law through an intensive review of the cousins. The review helped Fiorella too--after all, she doesn't see them every day.

(5) Tell me more about your extended family, Fio.
 I am proud to say that my five paternal cousins , my brother and I, are the grandchildren of a coal miner. He came over from Slovakia to work in the Pennsylvania mines, and he died in the mines, leaving a widow and three young children. Life was hard, but the family stayed together, and all of us in the third generation are doing better than most. IMMIGRANTS ARE THE STRENGTH OF AMERICA.

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