Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Messages, Mnemonic Devices, and Genetics

So many things to do,
So very little time
When will I be through?
When will my life be mine?
And why the heck am I
Reporting in by rhyme?
      How can Fiorella follow her plan of gathering her poetic outpourings into a book when she's continually producing more? And why does she wax poetic in the first place? Hmm...her brother also writes in rhyme so the tendency must be genetic. Mother didn't write poetry herself, but she was always reciting lines like Miniver Cheevy, child of scorn/ Rued the day that he was born, and Fio knows that Mom's father was also a poetry spouter.
     But why did Fio and Brother make the step up from reciting to writing? Probably because it's a challenge game. we play with ourselves. Rhythm ( boom-a-lay, boom-a-lay, boom-a-lay, boom) and rhyme (hello, fellow) are our chessboard pawns, and composing a meaningful mssage with them is where the fun begins.
That's all that Fio has to say
About her poetry today 😁


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