Monday, July 22, 2013


The evidence showed up two days ago--two plastic bags that had been chewed through to get to Fio's cache of of Spanish peanuts.  So she bought a replacement bag.  Yesterday she discovered both the peanuts and her walnuts had been broached, as had the bag of rice next to them, so she began cleaning out the pantry, looking for droppings, which she indeed found.  Yes, Fio has a mouse in the house.

The first thing she did was close up the open box of dog treats and anything else that seemed vulnerable.  But let's face it--metal is the only thing mice can't gnaw through, and Fio has no intention of storing all her foodstuffs in steel canisters.  The mouse has to go, even if it's a mother.  ESPECIALLY IF IT'S A MOTHER.

Husband bought a mousetrap, armed it, and put it on a pantry shelf, and today he'll set up the electronic thing that's supposed to drive rodents out of the house without bothering people or dogs.  Fio's hoping that one way or another, Mickey/Minnie will depart the premises.

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