Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cause Celebre of the Day.

Even a geek can be a jerk.

Fio's been following the Edward Snowden situation with interest--and amazement.  It's like McGee (cf. NCIS) suddenly went bananas.   What possible good did the man think he was doing?  Every country spies on every other country, and everyone knows it, but no one makes a public spectacle of it--wouldn't be polite. And, yes, on the home front, our government also keeps track of dangerous people and organizations. Maybe Snowden wants terrorists to lead unobserved existences, but Fio doesn't. 

So now he's a man without a country, spending day number ten restricted to a Russian airport.  Just to spite the U.S, three South American countries--Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia--have said they'll give him asylum, but does Snowden really think any of them will let him lead an unfettered existence?   They'll keep that bottom-feeder under so much surveillance that he'll think he's living in a fishbowl.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

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