Saturday, July 13, 2013

Always Busy

Fiorella lives in a house of many unfinished projects, some of them Husband's (who has a REAL job), and most of them hers.  Upstairs on the landing, she has an art desk piled with paintings she wants to do more work on--and just this week she found an old sketch from a life drawing (translation: nude) session she wants to enlarge and frame--or even use as the basis for a painting.

Then there's the genealogy stuff on her mother's family yet to be researched.  Thank goodness Cousin Norma took care of Dad's family history, but Fio would like to set up spreading family trees for both sides of the family so we all know who our distant cousins are and when one of them ends up in the White House, we can wangle invitations to the inauguration. 

The house itself is another unfinished project, partially because Son isn't totally moved out yet, partially because the garage still contains unpacked boxes from when Husband and Fio moved in eight years ago, and partially because Fio has several sewing projects piled up in the workroom/utility room.

Then there's the major project--writing the Lolly book, the one that follows Kinkaid House.  Fiorella is up to chapter nine now, almost halfway through, but she's a slow writer, dammit.

Oh, and Fio has left out the dog training so that Sonia can be socially acceptable.  And probably countless other projects.

But eventually she'll finish them all.  After all, it took her a month, but she finally polished off the silver.

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