Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sleeping with the Dog

It's the third day the upstairs air conditioner has been out so while Husband sleeps upstairs in the bed, it's Fiorella's third night on the couch in the den.  Husband's British-Celtic-German heritage can take the warm weather, but Fio's Eastern European genes seek cooler climes. So do Sonia Dog's mastiff genes, which means she's on the couch with Fio.

Sonia is accommodating, adjusting herself to Fio's nightly tosses and turns, but somehow Doggie always manages to end up on top of Fio's legs or feet, anchoring her to the spot, which means Fio awakens far too early, like right now when she is sitting on the couch writing this blog as Princess Sonia, stretched out over two of the three pillows, slumbers at her side.

The repairman said the necessary repair part should come in today, but he said that yesterday and the day before too.  Fio needs to recheck Angie's List.

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