Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Remember that Fiorella bunged up a leg and her head in Atlanta?  Well, it's not over yet.  A couple of days ago her ankle developed purple splotches halfway up to her knee and, although the yellow on her forehead is fading, she now has a port-wine stain between her left eye and her nose down onto her cheek.  The doctor said the stain will dissipate eventually, but Fio is terribly self-conscious about it. 

Fiorella's also downhearted about the business situation she handles for the family.  Everything looked so promising last month, but now it's all gone down the drain. And she's depressed about her  physical infirmities--vocal tremor, poor balance, bad eyesight, kyphosis.  And she mourns a friendship that died in Atlanta.  And, for all her brave words, she's discouraged about Kinkaid House's chances of ever seeing the publishing light of day.

Fiorella, who is very weak, prays for strength because the only way she can go is forward. 

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