Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oirginal Home Sweet Home

Check out 429 Stetler Avenue, Ellet, Ohio on the internet.  That's where Fiorella lived for the first seven years of her life.

The front porch has been enclosed now, as has what used to be a screened-in back porch, where Fio would stand and stare outside on rainy days and chant "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day."  The back porch roof has been fenced and turned into an upstairs patio, but Fiorella remembers the day she discovered the door at the end of the hall, opened it, and walked out onto that roof, which she thought was magic.  However Mother and Aunt Julie, who were out in the back yard didn't think it was magic.  In fact, while Mother kept Fiorella occupied from below, Aunt Julie went inside and came up behind Fio to coax her back inside.

Fiorella misted over as she went through the picture of the inside of the house.  What really got Fio was the window on the stair landing, where she remembers standing and waiting and waiting and waiting.

As she still does.  

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