Monday, July 29, 2013

Jello, Jello!

Fiorella admits it--she can't even cook Jello.  In fact, she probably blew out the microwave trying to boil water for it.  But the whole scene is in keeping with her weekend.  Friday night's lightning storm took out her internet, as you may have figured, so she took herself off to her neighborhood Starbuck's, rented herself an on-line connection by buying two slices of pound cake and a cup of milk, then settled down to write enough blogs to tide her over till the ECPI repairman came on Monday afternoon.

But every time she pushed "publish," the blog disappeared into the ether.  With a full stomach and a heavy heart, she resigned herself to fate and departed the premises.

The technician fixed everything this afternoon so it was with great joy that Fio opened up her laptop after the he left.  But, not matter how many outlets she plugged into, she still couldn't get any internet access.  She had visions of another week lost while another repairman showed up.  Maybe her laptop had been fried by a lightning strike and she'd have get to hire Click to transfer all her data to a new one.  Maybe God was, at last, as she had predicted, turning off the electricity.

A call to husband, then to ECPI's Darren, who has worked long-distance miracles before., and, lo and behold, as Fio was on the phone with him, the internet clicked in! Fiorella's world has been set to rights, even though she still can't cook Jello.

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