Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Return of the Ravaging Hordes

We must have the tastiest soil in the neighborhood because the armadillos are back.  They've plowed up the zoysia grass, ravaged the planting beds, and dug about ten inches down next to the water pipe.  Fio started filling the hole the other day and the dirt just kept disappearing into the depths.  She wouldn't be surprised if a litter of the little monsters ended up buried live down there.

What to do about them?  Fio bought a trap and set it up along the house next to the water pipe, but nothing's happened yet.  And if it does, what then?  Let's face it--neither Husband nor Fio would deliberately kill another living creature. And it doesn't seem right to take the beast twenty miles down the road and release it into some unsuspecting farmer's cornfield.  Besides, Husband doesn't want to carry an inhabited armadillo cage around in the trunk of his car.

Sort of like Russia doesn't want to play host to a stinker like Edward Snowden.

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