Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shopping in New York

Fio has left a trail of glasses, umbrellas, and pens everywhere she goes, but she did herself proud in New York. While her leopard-print folding umbrella managed to stay in her suitcase, she lost not only her sunglasses, but also the only lipstick she'd brought with her. That's a new one.

No prob. Just find a drugstore and plunk down her $8.50. But the nearest place that carried lipsticks, a shop called Sephora, was a block down and two blocks over. Credit card in hand, Fio braved the mean streets of NY and headed over there. She looked through the lipsticks until she found just the right bright red shade, then took it to the register in the rear of the store. The nice saleslady rang it up and handed her the ticket to sign. Fio glanced at the price and thought she'd been handed someone else's receipt--$26.50.

$26.50 for one lipstick? Fiorella queried the saleslady, and indeed, that was the price. Fio shut up and signed on the dotted line.

At least now she has a souvenir of the Big Apple that she can use every day.

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Gary said...

Not just lipstick, New York's finest lipstick!