Friday, July 22, 2011

Freight Elevator

Fio put her hip out toting plastic milk bottles full of bath water down the stairs to water the plants because Fio, being Fio, carried too many at once--several times. But Husband, whose ever-fertile brain is almost a match for Fio's, saved the day. He got some rope, tied several bottles together, and gently lowered them down to the first floor. All Fio had to do was move them--one by one, this time--to the front door so they were all ready for the next morning's watering.

Now Fio is mulling over attaching the rope to a sturdy cardboard box so Husband doesn't have to use Boy Scout knots to keep the individual bottles stable. And if she could get hold of a wagon, she wouldn't have to hand carry them to the door either. In fact, how about a winch to lower the bottle box?

Possibilities are endless in Fio's universe.

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Gary said...

I assume you’re bathing together to conserve water? Forget the Boy Scout knots and the box. Put a small fountain pump in the bath tub, attach a hose to it and lower the hose out the window. Eliminate the milk bottles.