Monday, July 11, 2011


Ever wonder what your dreams mean? Then read psychologist Janece Hudson's new book, Into Your Dreams, which will be out on July 15.

Dr. Janece, an RWA friend of Fio's, has been collecting dreams for the past couple of years specifically for this book, and Fiorella has contributed. In fact, Fio told Janece that she was sure her dreams were much more interesting than anyone else's, and she wanted top billing. But, alas, Janece is keeping the dreamers anonymous.

The great thing is that Janece taught Fiorella how to interpret her own dreams--not as portents of things to come and not literally--but as reflections on what is going on in her life. And Janece can teach you how to do the same. Just check out Amazon or scurry on down to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy Into Your Dreams. Fio recommends it.


Janece said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fio, and for the dreams. I rarely miss your entertaining and insightful blog!

Gary said...

Looking forward to Into Your Dreams!

I wanted to contribute also, but I either don't dream or can't remember them?? Janece says I/everyone dreams. Guess it's just my dull old life! I wake up and ask myself, okay what did I dream about last night. Always get the same answer, nada.
I'm sure the book will be much more interesting.