Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dark Eyes

Fio has been watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for two reasons: the first is that as a teenager she was enthralled by the seemingly romantic lifestyle (violins, campfires, colorful caravans, etc.) and the second is that she suspects her "Egyptian" great-great-great grandfather was really a gypsy.

After watching the British reality show, one thing Fio can tell you for sure--any remaining vestige of her Hollywood view of Gypsy life is GONE. In reality, Gypsies are rough, tough, and venal, and their culture is based on sexual stereotyping. The children are sexualized from birth, the males settling disputes with their fists and working physical labor while the women dress in sexy outfits even as toddlers and marry in their teens.

A messages flashes on during each show soliciting contact with American Gypsies and Travellers. Hmmm-guess what we have in store for us on American television next season?

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