Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ghost of a Chance

Sad to say, it's two thumbs down on Jim Butcher's new Harry Dresden book, Ghost Story.

Fiorella has long been a fan of the series, which features the only practicing wizard listed in the yellow pages of the Chicago phone book, and she loved the short-lived TV show, with which she drew Husband into the cult. She loved Butcher's quick turn of phrase, Harry's very human paranormal world, his adventure and relationships. Sure, the basic plot got a little old, and sure, Harry pulled way too many rabbits out of the hat by tortuous reasoning at the last minute, but his adventures and relationships kept Fio faithful.

No more. Ghost Story is a labyrinth of back story. Even the villain is recycled. And the plot is a treatise in metaphysics.

Too bad. Fio's going to miss Harry Dresden just like she misses Harry Potter. But Potter at least went out with a bang. Ghost Story barely whimpers.

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