Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bill and Jen $pend Money

Fio is a fan of The Little Couple, the reality show about 3'2" Jen and 4' Bill. It's interesting to watch them dealing with their lives as dwarfs in a world geared toward people a lot taller than they are. Jan and Bill both come across as charming and articulate, and, besides, she has a great dress sense.

But sometimes Fiorella is overcome by the fatuousness of the couple's upper middle class lives. They seem to spend most of their time indulging each other, most recently during their third wedding anniversary. Come on now--aren't the $800K house (which Fio bets is up to a mil by now), the designer clothes, and the expensive vacations enough already?

1 comment:

Gary said...

If you have it, why not?

Third wedding aniversary, yeah, they're still indulging each other.