Sunday, April 28, 2019

Three Unfinished Stories

Three unfinished stories           

Sarah lifted the cold, heavy Glock out of her purse and laid it on the passenger seat so she could reach it easily.  She didn’t like toting a gun around everywhere she went, but she didn’t like the idea of getting offed by some low-life hired by her ex-husband either.  The boys were all under age, which meant Keith, with his political connections, would get custody of them, which also meant every penny of their inheritance would be gone by the time they reached their majority. 
          She moved her hand over the cold, hard steel. Not if shecould help it. 
          She was married now--in word, if not in deed, and the snooty concierge had addressed her as "ma'am" when as she'd ushered the newlyweds into the opulant bridal suite.
          Ann stared into the bathroom mirror, examining herself to see if she looked any different--aside from the professional make-up job--than she had yesterday.
          Her image stared back at her with warning eyes. You may be Cinderella, Annie girl, but remember, you're no Snow White.
           Ayella turned to recheck the room for something--anything--that would boost her up a foot higher. The bedside table--would that work? She stepped down from the chair, slid off the desk, then cleared the bedstand of of its accoutrements and lugged it over to the desk. It was heavier than she'd thought, but she managed to get it up onto the desk and turn it sideways, then pose the the light-weighchair on top of it. The construction stabilized, she took a deep brath, and began climbing toward the tower window.
           She had to get out of here. Gabriel's life depended on it.

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