Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Making Plans

Daydream along with Fio about where she'll live and what sort of residence she'll live in after she sells her current home. She'll downsize, of course--3100 square feet on 5.3 acres of land is too much for one person to handle, especially if that person wants to throw herself into writing again. Especially if that person is just 5'2" and has questionable eyesight. Especially if a good part of said land is untamed wilderness.

All Fiorella really needs is a ltttle cottage--maybe a front room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and workroom. She'll have sold or donated most of her furniture by then, and any extras could be put in storage for her kids to deal with. She'd like to live near to them, but she never wants to be a burden to them.

Ah, well, back to work. In the meantime, Fio has to get the house and property in shape so they'll sell well.

Hiyo, Silver, and away!

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