Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Different Kind of Easter

For the first time ever, Fiorella will not be celebrating Easter at home. She hasn't cut HAPPY EASTER letters out of gold foil to tape to the fireplace mantel, and she hasn't prepared a holiday treat for Husband. She hasn't even written a poem, although she did deliver little baskets of chocolate and Peeps to neighbors, and she will continue her tradition of going out early in the morning and, at the top of her voice, bellowing Happy Easter, Christ is born!"

Don't think Fio's family has deserted her. Cedar Creek son, his wife, and her family and have invited Fiorella over for an Easter egg hunt, and she will be driving into Austin about 11:00 tomorrow morning to meet up with Brother and his wife, who will provide transportation the rest of the way. Fiorella appreciates everyone involved and she's sure she will enjoy the party.

But still, it seems weird.

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