Monday, April 1, 2019

Birth, Computers, Responsibilities, Nostalgia, Pinwheels

Fiorella bought a gift for her new great-grand-niece and sent it off in her name and Husband's (in absentia). A death, a birth--life moves on.
Speaking of moving on, Fio has been dipping her toes into writing again lately, now that she has a computer that won't take it upon itself to do the editing. It's taken a couple of days, but your faithful correspondent is getting used to shifting between the PC and the Mac. So far, whatever one won't do, the other will, like a tag team.
Of course, there's lots of other stuff for Fiorella to do--like finding out why the sutomatic sprinkler system won't work, hauling firewood out of the woods and rocks out of the dry creeks that surround the house on three sides, and taming the rampant cedars with her new chain saw. Then there's the fence repair on the northwest side of the property--she'll hire a pro for this job, but you know who will supervise.
Fio is painfully aware that she'll have to leave her lovely haven sooner rather than later, but she'll admit that the drive down Hwy 29 is not as pleasant as it used to be. Guady LAND FOR SALE signs are everywhere, and it looks like her hide-away, large acreage neighborhood will soon be surrounded by fake trees and big houses that have hardly an arms length between them.
Okay, Yours Truly admits that when she drove into town this morning to pick up supplies, she added Pinwheels to her list, then ate every single one of them when she she got home. Sometimes a girl needs a little comfort food.

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