Monday, November 5, 2018

Signs of Discord

Fiorella knew that sometimes campaign signs were stolen, but she never thought it would happen to her. Not when she lives on a low-traffic country road. Not when she gives a cheery wave to all the cars that pass by. Not when no one has argued with her about her left-leaning allegiances.

But her BETO sign was stolen in the dark of night.

Nothing Fio could do but buy a replacement sign, but just to be safe, she didn't put it up till after Halloween. To be even safer, she surrounded it with garden fencing and looped it with faux barbed wire. Then, around noontime on Saturday, her BJ HEGAR sign disappeared. Fio lost her cool this time and screamed her anger to the whole neighborhood,--although, apparently, judging by the lack of response, no one was home--before tromping back to the house and writing a scathing letter to the Homeoweners Association, which she then tore it up.

She would NOT buy another BJ HEGAR sign because it would probably be stolen again, just as she suspected her second BETO sign would be, and she wasn't going to play that game. Instead, she rescued a large piece of fiberboard from the garage and printed


                                  ON SIGN THIEVES                                                       

on it and put on display where the newly missing sign had been.

Fiorella is writing this blog Sunday night, and so far, BETO#2 rremains in place in place, Fiorella's third sign (the one for Katherine Kubatzky) is untouched, and the SHAME sign is still extant.. But if anything else happens, Fio has a plan that she'll let you in on if it's needed.

Hint: class always wins over trash..