Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's Goin' on with Fiorella

Just when you think the late-night comedians have run out of fodder, Baby Donnie demands a pull-toy parade for his widdle self. He wants to stand up in the review box and have everyone salute his almightyness. The only good thing about this idea is that (1) it takes Nunes off the radar, and (2) Colbert's going to have a field day. But maybe Donnie should think about what happened to Caligula when his in-house miltary squad had had enough.
The last chapter of Fio's book kept running through her mind as she was driving (in Husband's car) to the optometrist's office. It was sweet--a wedding, which is an unsuprising  ending in a romance--but it was feeing more like an epilogue when Fiorella wanted the story to end with a big bang. A big bang--that was it! She'd end it with a big bang! You know the kind (wink).
Fio starts the morning by turning off the house alarm, feeding the dog and letting her out and in, pulling up the shades, and , bringing in the newspaper and skimming it. Then she checks out her email, Google News, her blog, and Facebook, after which she brushes her teeth, washes her face, lift weights, dresses, fixes her hair, and pushes hoop earrings through her lobes (because she is human), and comes downstairs again to play the piano and eat breakfast. At this time of year, she also works on the Christmas clean-up and hauls brush and forewood in for the fireplace. Along the way, she must work on her long-delayed book, get in a little Spanish practice, and keep up with her friends. Right now she has the added responsibility of getting the IRS information together and handling a legal situation involving a family business. The other legal thing, a student-loan situation will be settled next week. In between times, Fiorella pretends to be human.

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