Friday, February 9, 2018


When Fiorella left her Miata in the kind and competent hands of the Roger Beasley Mazda dealership last week, she thought that was the last she would see of it. Richard had said to give them a week to see what they could do, but Fio took that to mean that they would try to find a nice salvage yard for Baby to spend her final days in.

Fio was heart-broken, of course, but she had to face facts so, on Tuesday, she drove Husband's car over to the dealership to clear out her floorboard detritus before Baby was moved off the lot. Between tears, she explained her purpose to Richard, and that's when Richard started talking very quickly-- BABY CAR  WAS NOT DEAD. The Mazda team had her on life-support, and she would probably be healed by the end of the week. That's when Fiorella really started crying--being overwhelmed with happiness does that to her.

She received THE CALL yesterday morning, and the first thing she did after picking up her car and thanking everyone from Weldon on down, was to buy four family-sized bags of Hershey kisses, load them in the car, and drop them off at Mazda to be enjoyed by one and all.

God bless Richard, Weldon, and all the guys (and gal) in the service department, and God bless Roger Beasley Mazda!

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