Monday, February 26, 2018

Pant, Pant, Pant, Blood Pressure on the Rise!

Yesterday was an adventure. First Fiorella learned that she is on some kind of unopenable list Ford has, probably because she went ballistic when she discovered that the name of her late friend Sharon Kite had been used in Ford's Facebook adverstisement. (Mattress Firm used Sharon's name too, but Fio hasn't been able to find that ad again.) Then, as she finished off a couple of hours' work sorting through income tax stuff, Fio received a call from Discover regarding a student loan debt that Fio and Husband had paid off, lock, stock, and barrel, last week. Fio went into shock and lost most of her words, but managed to supply enough information that her caller is going to hold off on the robo-calls for a week while the situation is checked out. Then Fiorella leaped into her car and sped down to Starbucks to pick up her milk and chocoate chip cookies, secreting them it in her tote before joining friend Patricia because their meeting place of choice frowns on diners supplying their own fare. Of course, when Fio got to the table, she spilled the milk all over it and the floor. Friend Patricia whipped into action and saved the day with napkins and paper towels, and the woman running the cash register mopped the floor.

Fio hopes today won't be quite so adventuresome.

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