Monday, February 12, 2018

Explanation of Morning Mess

If you opened up Fiorella a couple of hours ago, you saw a messy collection of disconnected thoughts and comments that pulled aside Oz's curtain and revealed Fio's modus operandi--she uses her blog as a resting place for every idea that comes to her frighteningly fertile brain, assigns it a future publication date, then hauls it out as seems appropriate. The essential part of this scheme is to keep an eye on the assigned publication date, moving it still further ahead if needed, because otherwise her readers will see exactly what you saw this morning--disconnected thoughts and comments.

Well, you could also see a few short stories and mas paginas del espanol because Fiorella also uses her blog as a safe, easily retrievable deposit for whatever she wants to remember. Calling up stuff from her the back room of her computer is  a lot easier than pawing through the tons of paper she has stored roundabout from her pre-computer years.

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