Saturday, February 10, 2018

Electronics Here, Electronics There, Electronics Everywhere--Beware!

Fiorella's power cord was gracious enough not to give up the ghost until Baby Car was up and running again, but Fio not having access to her computer was like losing an arm. She couldn't check her email, catch up with the natonal news, see what was happening on Facebook, or work on her book. OMG--when did Fiorella, the original Luddite, get so dependent on an electronic device? And what will happen to the world in the future when God turns off the electricity?
Now that el auto y la computadora have been healed, Fio has to see to the kitchen clock and her cell phone. The clock, she thinks, needs a new battery, but that involves using the tall ladder to haul el reloj down from its lofty position over the door to the garage, then putting it up there again after its appetite for energy has been filled. The cell phone is another matter--maybe it can be saved, maybe not, but Fiorella has gone two months without taking pictures, and the artist in her protests such deprivation.
Oh, one more thing--eyeglasses. EyeMart screwed up filling Fio's prescription so she has gotten a new one,  and, following her daughter-in-law's suggestion, will order her glasses on line--yet another thing she could not do without a working computadora. Frightening, isn't it?

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