Saturday, January 14, 2017


Fiorella lives in a rather innocent world, as she discovers again and again. This time she was made aware of it by a Facebook post. Now, Fio has been quite active on FB lately because it's her major venue for fighting the good fight. Being somewhat naive, she took the high road instead of putting up hateful picture posters or attacking anyone with a different opinion than hers, but two women she attended school with took the low road, viciously attacking not only Fio's candidate, but Fio herself. Fio played along for several months, trying for civil discourse. After all, the lead woman used religious references and posted videos of charming animals.

But it was all fake, a disguise, as Fio realized when she caught a posting the woman had put on another timeline.  "I am laughing at all the old women out marching on Inauguration Day" the woman said. "How many will fall and break their hipsLOL! Can u imagine what they would be doing if Ted Cruz had won??? You just can't make this stuff up."

Fio went into shock. This woman was no Christian or anything else. She was anticipating--hoping for--women, especially elderly women, to fall and break their bones, and, like Nero watching saints being killed by lions in his  blood-soaked arena, she was planning to laugh at them writhing in pain.

Gwen Hodges, GOP bigwig, Georgetown, TX, Fio prays you will one day find the love of Christ in your heart.

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