Monday, January 30, 2017

Catch-up Time

Fiorella has tres (three) goals hoy (today): to work on el espanol (the Spanish), el novela (the novel), y el estacionamiento (and the driveway). She'd sorta let it all drop over the holidays and the Trump ascendancy, but last night she started papering the house with etiquetas (labels) to get her espanol going again . And after rereading a Shiloh Walker favorite of hers, she's revved up in regard to her work-in-progress. And, having finally finished the south side of her stacked-rock mura del estacionamiento (wall of the driveway), she's ready to start work on the north side.

And, of course, she'll be on Facebook, following everything that's happening and cheering everyone on. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

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