Thursday, January 12, 2017


Fiorella has often told you how important activity is to her--talking with friends, decorating, landscaping, artwork, playing the piano, harvesting rocks, learning languages, and writing, writing, writing. But none of her friends or relatives share this same drive. What they all seem to want to do is look at things, often traveling halfway around the globe to do so. Fio doesn't fault them, but she doesn't understand them either. What's the use of going to a foreign country unless you at least make an effort to learn the language? Why go into an art museum here or abroad unless you are studying technique for your own paintings? Why accumulate of bucket list of places you have visited unless you write travelogues?  Why watch TV or go to movies when you could be doing something more pro-active? Life is short, and Fio wants to make every moment count.

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