Wednesday, January 25, 2017

No Fair!

Fiorella needed an operation to help her see better and stop her lashes from irritating her eyes, and her Austin ophthalmologist, Dawn Buckingham, had set the surgery up for February 9. When the surgery information came in the mail, Fio read it through and jumped through all the required hoops--getting checked out by her PCP, then seeing her INR nurse, who filled out a full page of instructions for her because Fio, who has an artificial heart valve, uses warfarin.  The final stop was Fio's cardiologist, who smiled at her and gently delivered the death blow--she couldn't have the surgery because it was too risky for her to go off anti-coagulants for eight days, like the ophthalmologist required.

Fio went into shock. Why had Dr. Buckingham, who had access to all Fio's medical records, led her down the garden path?  Why hadn't Fio's primary care doctor or said something? Why did her INR nurse make up a full-page chart, the let the cardiologist drop the blow?

Fio is angry. Why her? She is a nice person, a giving person, someone who works hard, who takes care of everyone, who puts up with a lot of crap, who wishes everyone well, even Donald Trump. She deserves better.

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