Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Falling Apart, and More to Come

Fiorella, who has always endorsed the idea of alternate universes, was less thrilled by the idea of alternate facts. In fact, she's horrified.  Conway walked herself off the plank with that one.

Trump's reign has not started well. Not only did Kellyanne botch a big one, but the Donald threw a hissy fit about the low attendance at his inauguration, his press secretary berated the news corps for accurately reporting the numbers, and women across the world marched in protest against him. It must have been a lot easier when all the Trumpster was doing was grabbing pussies and handing out rhinestone tiaras.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live is having a field day, and  Vladimer Putin sits back in his office chair with a smile on his face and the video tapes in his desk drawer.

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