Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Fio is ecstatic!  In second heaven! She received a cast call yesterday afternoon, and she's going to be a S-T-A-R!

Well, maybe--Serena, who represents an advertising agency, asked Fio if she would be willing to participate in an ad for Roger Beasley Mazda, which has serviced Fio's car for the past ten years, and what could Fio say but YES, YES, YES!  The Mazda people have taken good care of her as well as her baby car, and she wants to tell everyone how wonderful they are, but she also looks forward to being in the spotlight again.

Not that it's set, of course--the ad may fall through or Fio may not give a good performance. But for the time being, she can dream.  First Mazda, then Hollywood, then People Magazine, then the Oscar.

And to think. An hour before Serena called, Fio didn't have anything to tell you about today.

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You go woman!