Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hop Scotch

Riddle me this: when is one Canadian Scott worth twice as much as two Canadian Scotts?
Answer: when it's Scott McGillivray of Income Property vs. Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers.

All three are HG stars.  McGillivray, a carpenter and real estate investor, turns dank basements into income-producing apartments for income-poor householders, obviously an occupation which would only work in the northeast, but his personality has given the show a national following.  The Scotts, frighteningly identical twins, have focused their show biz backgrounds and real estate experience into making crappy houses into supposed dream homes for hapless families.

McGillivray may not have a theatrical background, but he's a natural--handsome, muscular, sexy--with a sparkle in his eye, a ready smile, and a quick wit  He's got good taste too--Fio likes his makeovers.  And he's always explaining construction and educating viewers about things they hopefully will never encounter.

The Scotts have tried to define themselves as individuals by styling their hair differently and labeling one as the salesman/designer and the other as the nail and hammer construction guy, but it doesn't work.  For all their show background, their faces are identically expressionless--no affect, as my psychologist friend would say.  In fact, if anything, they come across as anxious.  And they darn well should be: the houses never end up totally as planned, and Fio can't stand their garish decorating style.

Fio's aversion for the Scott brothers has reached the stage of revulsion.  They seem greasy.  Their eyes never smile.  Fio may be totally off base, but something seems fishy.

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