Friday, January 4, 2013

Editing FB

Fiorella gutted up and defriended (disenfriended?  unfriended?) a FaceBook correspondent yesterday.  She wasn't quite sure who the woman was--probably a friend of a friend of a friend whom Fio invited in when she set up her own shop--but she couldn't take the militant Christianity any longer.  Born Lutheran, Fiorella prefers that people be private about their relationships with the Almighty, and certainly not advertise Him by posting five or six Jesus posters in a row, all adorned with what Fio considers somewhat spurious interpretations of the gospel, interspersed with right-wing hate messages, even pictures of assault rifles.

Heady with power, Fio is also considering shutting down the romance writer who keeps posting pictures of coyly smiling, all-but-naked guys, shaven (except for the mandatory five-o'clock shadow), plucked, and greased.   These men are NOT sexy--they are pathetic.  Imagine making your living by stripping down for male cheesecake.  What if your mother finds out?  Or your children?

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