Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Fiorella just couldn't get going last Friday morning.  Instead of starting in on her never-ending list, she whined to herself about her lack of energy.  The light bulb appeared above her head--get yourself some chocolate, girl!  Half a bag of candy kisses later, she was whizzing around the house cleaning up the kitchen, practicing piano, taking care of the laundry room, and doing some work on the taxes.  She ended the evening by going out at dusk and lopping off some of the cedar limbs that had prohibited the propane people from coming down the drive the previous week.

The chocolate glow lasted through Saturday, when Fio and Husband took Sonia off for a mastiff meet-up in a nearby town, Fio attended the funeral of the husband of a friend of hers, and Nephew Barrett and his lovely wife stopped by for a visit. Since then, her energy level has been going down, down, down.

Time for another infusion of instant energy, donchya think?

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