Monday, January 28, 2013

Not a Second to Spare

Why is your Fio so busy?  Because she always has too many projects going.  Right now, not only is she attending physical therapy, keeping up with friends, writing a daily blog, revising a manuscript, practicing piano, preparing a poetry program for the SGWL, putting together a photo album of her recent wedding anniversary, cleaning the house, handling the family's financial matters and business opportunities, gathering the income tax info for the accountant, but also lopping off limbs of cedars that are keeping the propane truck from getting through.  Projects on the backburner include framing Younger Son's painting Time Flies, repainting a picture of her daughter as a child, and making small, clever purses to sell on the internet.

And Husband wonders why she hasn't started putting together the jigsaw puzzle he gave her for Christmas.

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