Thursday, March 5, 2020

From Mac to MacDonald's

With bated breath, Fiorella  checked out yesterday's blog to make sure it hadn't been erased like her Tuesday effort had been, but it's still there. WHEW!
      Your girl is becoming more and more adept at using the Mac, thanks to Elder Son and the local library's Wired Wednesday with its bevy of nice people who are up on technology and willing to share.
     Special thanks go to to Ann, Fiorella's helper of the day. Fio's current effort is now double-spaced, has page numbers, and begins a third of the way down the page.
What a day--it was still dark and dripping when Fiorella drove to Austin, where she met up with writing friends Evelyn, and Paula. The thrill of the day with Evelyn, whom Fio meets at McDonald's, was that someone had drawn a picture of male genitalia on the table they usually occupy with what looked like a Sharpie. Hmm....MacDonalds, a Sharpie, desire for a yuge erection. Ring a bell?
     There was also an artistic element in Fiorella's meet up with friend Paula at Starbuk in that Paula showed Fio some of her recent cameo sketches, which are top-notch-- especially since no Sharpies or male genitalia are  involved.
Fio should add that she has nothing against sketches of male genitalia when they are part of an artistic composition, but using a Sharpie to decorate a table at MacDonald's doesn't qualify.

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